Corporate Gift Set | Classic Drop Cookies In Gift Box

  • $17.00

Any holiday, event, or occasion can be made a little sweeter with a gift box of our delectable Classic Drop Cookies. Gift recipients will enjoy a combination of your choosing available in 3 tempting flavors. 

 Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Old Fashioned Butter
Double Chocolate Peanut Butter


The decorative gift box will arrive with 1 Dozen cookies in the combination you select. Choose one flavor for a dozen similar cookies. Choose a 2 flavor combination and receive 6 of each. Choose a 3 flavor combination and receive 4 of each.

  • Choose ONE FLAVOR for 12 of same type.
  • Choose TWO FLAVORS for a 6+6 combination.
  • Choose THREE FLAVORS for a 4+4+4 combination.

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